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Taghazout līcis: galamērķis balstīts uz zaļo DNS

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Taghazout Bay, a resort of 615 ha in Morocco, was designed by the Société d’Aménagement et de Promotion de la station de Taghazout (SAPST). Its approach to sustainability is both environmentally friendly and perfectly integrated within the region and its local socio-economic context.

Through the Green Globe certification of its 3 components – Tazegzout Golf, Hyatt Place un Sol House – Taghazout Bay confirms its commitment to integrate sustainability not only in the development of its components, but as it carries out best practices throughout its daily operations. All three components, originally certified in 2016, have again been awarded Green Globe certification in 2017, as a result of the daily efforts of all staff to implement sustainable actions and to continually strive for continuous improvement.

Each property has achieved success in areas of sustainability management including resource management and social initiatives. At the Golf Club, significant results were achieved with a 40% reduction in water consumption and a 22% reduction in electrical power usage. The decrease in water usage is attributed to better management of water leaks and a monitored course watering system that is used for turf maintenance. At Sol House, efforts were made to better manage green waste through the creation of a composting area, the establishment of an organic kitchen garden with vegetables and herbs as well as the sponsoring of several charity events. While this year at Hyatt Place, energy conservation was a priority where the implementation of the technical recommendations resulting from the energy audit was accompanied by a broad educational program aimed at raising awareness amongst all staff members.

Tazegzout Golf, Hyatt Place and Sol House also work together on a regular basis to take part in joint initiatives. Several Green Team Taghazout Bay meetings, facilitated by SAPST are conducted to bring together the three managers of the tourist establishments with the purpose of exchanging and sharing best practices in sustainable development. An evaluation of the carbon footprint for each establishment is also carried out and an action plan developed and coordinated to reduce emissions.

Regional development is part of the resort’s overall sustainability management plan. Implementation of a common purchasing policy to pool purchases of certain food products and supplies is in place to optimize costs and minimize transportation related CO2 emissions. In addition, the promotion of local products and handicrafts in all establishments through temporary exhibitions is encouraged.

In line with their CSR objectives, the creation of Golf and Surf Academies and the training of youth from neighboring communities have been established within the framework of a Sport Study program supported by SAPST. The main purpose is to identify talented individuals that have potential to become future champions. In addition, Hyatt Place and Sol House sponsored the organization of a charity golf competition with proceeds donated to local associations.

The commitment to sustainability is no longer a choice for Taghazout Bay and each of its components, but something that is deeply embedded into its DNA.

Green Globe ir vispasaules ilgtspējības sistēma, kuras pamatā ir starptautiski pieņemti ilgtspējīgas ceļošanas un tūrisma uzņēmumu darbības un pārvaldības kritēriji. Green Globe, kas darbojas ar vispasaules licenci, atrodas Kalifornijā, ASV un ir pārstāvēts vairāk nekā 83 valstīs. Green Globe ir Apvienoto Nāciju Organizācijas Pasaules tūrisma organizācijas (UNWTO) filiāle. Lai iegūtu informāciju, lūdzu, apmeklējiet vietni

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