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Baltās naktis: visvairāk burvju laiks Igaunijas apmeklējumam sākas 23. jūnijā


Midsummer’s Day, 23rd June, known as Jaanipäev, will mark the beginning of Estonia’s ‘White Nights’, when summer days extend into the night. With the sun barely setting on Midsummer’s Eve, Estonia becomes the perfect destination for those wanting to fight off any sleep temptations and get the absolute most out of their experience.

The famous ‘White Nights’ of Estonia are celebrated with an incredible and eclectic mix of events and festivals taking place all over the country throughout summer, making it a season not to be missed.

Visitors are invited to come and experience a host of activities, from partying on the beach in Pärnu to hiking in the magical surroundings of Saareema island, and from dancing in the middle of the Leigo Lake to attending ‘The Night of Ancient Bonfires’ along the Baltic coast.

Events include:

Leigo Lake Music Festival, 3-4 August

This festival combines nature with music to create a unique and truly memorable experience against the stunning Leigo Lake backdrop. With the stage set on a small willow-fringed islet, festival goers can enjoy a wide selection of jazz, folk and rock music while being immersed in nature. The final evening culminates in a stunning display of fireworks kickstarting from the lake waters and creating an unforgettable water-based pyrotechnical show.

Weekend Festival Baltic, 16-18 August

Weekend Festival Baltic is the Estonian edition of the Weekend Festival, the largest dance music festival in the north of Europe. The line-up is headlined by DJs from across the electronic dance music spectrum and it takes place on Pärnu beach, featuring two outdoor stages with amazing sea views and one indoor stage. Regularly welcoming over 30,000 people over the three-days extravaganza, the festival has an electrifying outdoor party atmosphere with stunning stage productions and pyrotechnics.

‘Estonia 100 Great Summer Week’, 18-25 August

2018 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Estonia. During this momentous occasion, celebrations are taking place throughout the year to mark the most important milestones in the emergence of Estonia as a unified country. 18-25 August will see the country celebrating ‘The Estonia 100 Great Summer Week’, a series of events across the country that include food festivals, Estonian music concerts, poetry readings, hikes in the wilderness, all culminating with a memorable bonfire celebration, known as ‘The Night of Ancient Bonfires’.

Following a longstanding tradition, the last Saturday in August sees a chain of hundreds of bonfires be lit along the shores of the Baltic coast in order to celebrate the summer season and the Independence anniversary.

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