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Sarajeva neaizmirst savus draugus un tas nozīmē Zagrebu

Sarajeva neaizmirst savus draugus un tas nozīmē Zagrebu
Sarakstījis Jirgens T Šteinmets

Croatia’s capital Zagreb was hit by its strongest earthquake in 140 years on Sunday morning, and Sarajevo in neighboring Serbia is in full support.

Sarajevo sent a sincere and strong message of love and support to Zagreb on Sunday evening, illuminating its landmark City Hall in blue and displaying a heart between the abbreviations of the names of the two cities.

“As we are all fighting the coronavirus pandemic together, the City of Zagreb was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes in its history. Bosnia’s capital is sending a message to Zagreb and to all of Croatia that you are in our thoughts and prayers this evening,” the city administration said in a press release.

“These difficult challenges we are facing will strengthen our friendship and deepen our cooperation,” it added.

Sarajevo’s Mayor, Abdulah Skaka, also sent a message to his counterpart in Zagreb, Milan Bandic, on Sunday.

“I am convinced, Mr. Bandic, that you and your fellow citizens, the city’s administration and the Croatian Government will rise up again and recover from this terrible misfortune, as we will in unity and solidarity overcome the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

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Jirgens T Šteinmets

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